Current Sermon Series:
Paul’s Letter to Titus, finish what remains

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A church with problems… imagine that!
It’s not really hard to imagine. The young church that Titus was overseeing was facing problems - teachers straying from the truth of the gospel, behavior unlike Jesus’, households being divided and broken. Truthfully that church sounds like a lot of churches. Join us as we look at Paul’s letter to Titus, the problems in Crete, the problems in our own churches and lives and how the gospel provides the solutions!

Series starts September 29


We are praying that God would do great things in our midst - in us and through us. We are praying because we believe that we need Him. And we are inviting you to be a part.
In Macon: 8:45 & 10:45
In Milledgeville: 10:15

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