2 services 2018.png


Beginning January 14, Macon will move to 2 services.

We are still lining up a few volunteer spots but for now, here is what it looks like:

  • Worship Gathering
    same music, same sermon for both services.
  • Children's Ministry
    1st Service we'll offer our same great classes through 3rd Grade.
    2nd Service we'll add 4th and 5th graders to the list of great classes.

We're super excited to add more space by adding this second service!


Current Sermon Series:    Beginning January 14

gen 4-11.jpg

We'll be starting a new series January 14, 2018. Join us as we take a look at Genesis 4-11 and New Beginnings. Following Adam and Eve's sin we see a new a different world. Would life be better?  Would humanity grow in wisdom, kindness and love for one another? Would the knowledge of sin lead to a better people? I think we'll see a lot of ourselves in these pages and we'll also see a great God who is merciful, patient and always at work to bring about His promises... including His promise in Genesis 3:15.