A Season of Change

To say this past year has seen a lot of change is an understatement! It has been one long season of change - from searching for a building to closing on the building and finishing work on the building to shifting and adding staff.  We are looking forward to a year of settled focus! So here's where we are:

Building - We are in and enjoying the new space.  We've been able to go from 2 services to 1 service with the added children's space and worship space.  Join us at 10:30 every Sunday!
There are still some things to finish and some bugs here and there to be worked out.  But we have a great space, great parking, great kids space and room to grow!

Staff - June will be our final transition month, but what a lot of transition.
Patrick McConnell will be taking the Lead Pastor Role in Milledgeville beginning full time in July. He has been working in this role while also helping keep his normal areas of Community and Children's ministry moving forward.  Jennifer McConnell has been a huge part of the Children's part of that - we are very thankful for her!  As Patrick transitions to full time in Milledgeville, so will Jennifer and the rest of the family. 

Caleb Bedingfield has just stepped into the role of Community and Connections Director, taking a portion of what Patrick was overseeing.  Caleb will primarily be working on Missional Communities and our Sunday morning Connections.

Heather Perrin will be taking on the Children's Director role. Heather has already been working with Jennifer and Patrick and will continue transitioning through June. We are excited about adding this role and having Heather join us on staff! Each week we fill our downstairs with children and the more children we have added, the clearer it has become that we need someone on staff dedicated to children. Welcome Heather! We'll have her bio up on the Leaders page soon.

Amanda Christopher has been working for us at New City for years!  Amanda actually started working with New City her senior year of college as an intern. Over the past few months her role has become much more official. Amanda serves the staff as an Administrative Assistant. Amanda helps with almost everything from website, social media, and print materials to conferences at New City.

We are excited about the days to come!  This has truly been a season of change, but as always, God has blessed us beyond our expectations. Continue to pray for this huge transition as well for all of our staff and elders!