Building Update: Fundraising

As of today we are just over 75% of our $130,000 goal!!

As I have shared with our New City Macon Partners, the bare minimum of funds available that we must have to purchase and begin renovations on the potential new building are $130,000. This is the minimum to get into the building, securing the loan and covering the basic repairs.  This number includes some ongoing operating expenses that will need to be in place as we transition to a new building.

Thanks to some incredibly generous gifts including the photo shoots by Andy Carter and  Ashah Smith, and a huge boost from New City Church, Milledgeville,  we have already made great strides toward that minimum goal!  As of today, we are at just over 75% of our $130,000 goal!!  Let's keep working to more than meet the goal and to do it as quickly as possible!  Remember, the $130,000 is the bare minimum. We will need more than that to purchase new equipment and items for our New City Kids.

Coming Up:

  • I will be meeting with our contractor in the next week to nail down some numbers and begin working on a timeline.
  • November 9 - Zoning Approval meeting with Macon-Bibb.
  • I will begin making some fundraising calls to friends and church plants that we have invested in the past.

Please continue to pray and to give to help us reach this goal!