How Would You Feel, If He Were Yours?

Terence Crutcher was a father, a son and a brother. He had four children. His friends described him as, "relaxed, fun, reserved." His pastor said that Terence Crutcher was in church almost every Sunday. He sang in the choir. He was taking classes at the local community college.
He was shot and killed by a police officer in Tulsa, OK on September 16.
The details of exactly what happened are still being sorted and as always they conflict, depending on who you hear. 
But set that aside.
Watch the video and honestly ask yourself, "If he were my brother, my son, my father, my classmate, my choir mate, what would I feel? If he sat next to me every Sunday at church, how would I see these events? If he were my brother in Christ, watching this video, how would I respond?  If this was my friend, would I be sad? hurt? angry? Would I see these events as just and fair?"

Let me share my feelings...
I am hurt. I am angry. I am sickened. I am saddened. 
I don't know what I can do to change this - to fix it.
But I know that I can't be silent on this. I can't be any more silent on Terence Crutcher's death than I would be if he were my brother, my son, my dad. This is a sick and sad injustice.

Dear Lord, help us.


*edit note:
I do not plan on responding to comments. I think that the post clearly explains my thoughts. We are all entitled to our opinions. Let's keep them peaceful.