Pray With Us, an Invitation

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At our very best, at our strongest and brightest, we are weak, frail and needy.
Maybe not compared to some people, but compared to God - compared to the Creator of all that is - compared to the King who is eternal, sovereign and utterly other.
The Bible is clear we are dependent on Him.
He is our provider. He is gracious to love us, gracious to care for us, gracious to forgive us and in Christ make us His own. He is merciful to withhold judgment, merciful to lead us out of trouble and suffering and pain. He is merciful in our weakness. He is a good Father who is kind, loving and patient with his children. He is a dad who is willing and able and ready to give His children His best and what is best for them.

We are weak and He is infinitely strong.
We are frail and broken and He is unbreakable.
We lack in wisdom and He is fully wise.
We are prone to mistakes and He is perfectly infallible.
We don’t know what the next minute holds and He know all things.

And He calls to come to Him with our needs. He urges us to ask Him for help.
He almost seems to plead with us, “Come and talk to me, your Father all about your wants and needs. Come and ask me for help. I am here for you. I am able.” Too often we don’t.

Too often we depend on our own wisdom and abilities. Too often we lean on our own plans, our talents, systems and structures. How prideful - to ignore His calls for prayer and His offers to help because we are confident in ourselves. Truthfully, this is why we don’t pray, pridefully we don’t believe how desperately we need God.
But we do.
We need Him desperately to do what only He can do.
We need Him to save our family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers who are far from Him.
We need Him to move through politics and systems, through voting and appointing and all other means to bring about true unity, peace and justice in our city.
We need Him to overhaul our broken school system and bring about lasting change for the good of students and the good of our city.
We need Him to strengthen and restore families.
We need Him to lead us in a fight against poverty and racism.
We need Him to transform us and through us, our city and beyond.
We need Him, desperately, because these are things far greater than us.
We need Him, so we should pray.
The truth is that we need Him, even in the small stuff, every day… so we should pray.

This is Your Invitation
Join us in praying.
Join us not only in your own private prayer, but join us 15 minutes before the start of each service on Sunday morning. Simply come to the stage and if you are able, kneel and talk to our Father - ask Him to do great things in your life, in the life of our church, in the lives of the people around us, in our city and our world. Ask Him to heal. Ask Him to fix. Ask Him to save. Ask Him to do what only He can do.

PS - If you come for prayer and it is only you, remember, it isn’t only you! Your Father was there ahead of you, waiting for you. Kneel and pray. You will lead others to join you there.

Milledgeville Prayer Time:

Macon Prayer Times:
8:45 & 10:45