"I will not be anxious..."


I’m especially excited to be learning this song at New City. It is such a great reminder of the Gospel and the victory we have in Jesus. It helps me to put into perspective who is actually in control when my heart is anxious and my head is filled with fears

I have an almost 2 year old girl that is the definition of adorable! I love being her dad. I love that when I come home she drops everything and runs to me with both arms wide open. Now she’s yelling “Da-Da” as she runs toward me and it’s just icing on the cake. When I sit down and start to think of her future…man does my heart get heavy. I start thinking of  future education, athletics, music, etc. What is she going to choose? Is she going to be a good student? She’s Asian so she has to learn the violin right? Oh and did I mention she’s adorable?! Which boys are gonna holla’ at her? Which is the best shotgun? Will she end up with someone who loves Jesus who loves and treats her well? Will she grow up loving Jesus? 

When my mind spirals like this, my heart races and worry grips me because I realize I can’t control everything. My wife and I can try our best to live out the gospel in front of her, teaching and showing her the love of Jesus. We can teach her manners and proper etiquette. But, the truth is I can’t make her pursue this or that. I can’t control her likes and dislikes. I can’t pick her future occupation. I can’t make her fall in love with this guy instead of that guy. (Sidebar: let’s revisit this arranged marriage thing.) The funny thing is when I come to the realization that I am not in control, I try even harder to control things. When that inevitably fails I become even more anxious than I was before. It’s in those moments when I forget about who is really in control. Verse 1 of the song says:

"I will not be anxious, Jesus You are near
The peace of God surrounding me
is casting out all fear
The hand that holds the heavens
is the mighty hand that saves
The voice that calms the storming seas
is calling me by name"

When my mind is filled with the roaring waves of fear and anxiety, I forget that God is in control. I have to stop and pray and repent of my misbelief. I remind myself that the God who crafted me and holds the heavens up with His hand is mighty and He alone saves. Try as I might, I could never control something as big as my daughters fate, nor can I bear that weight and pressure. The beautiful and reassuring thing is that God cares for my daughter more than I ever could. He beautifully crafted her into the adorable little being she is and continues to poor out love and grace. I know that because of Jesus. I know that because of what the Son of God did for us. Because of His perfectly lived out life, He was able to bear the weight of our sin to the cross so that we who have trusted and believed could have everlasting life. Through all of this He was in control. He has shown Himself to be loving, caring, kind, gracious, and merciful. Because Jesus rose from the dead, we are able to sing of this victory over sin and death.

"When I have forgotten the fullness of your grace
Yes, I remember calvary, when You took my place.
I’m singing in the victory, the victory of the cross
And resting in the shadow of your redeeming love
I’m standing on the promise, the promise of new life
I am Yours forever and Jesus You are mine,
Jesus You are mine."

I don’t have to be anxious. I don’t have to worry and fill my head with thoughts of what could be. I am not in control. I say that again. I am not in control. There is One who is in complete control, who loves and cares for my daughter way more than I ever well, and His name is Jesus. 


I will not be anxious, Jesus you are near
The peace of God surrounding me casting out all fear
The hand that holds the Heavens is the mighty hand that saves
The voice that calms the storming seas is calling me by name

I’m singing in the vict’ry the vict’ry of the cross
Resting in the shadow of Your redeeming love
I’m standing on the promise, the promise of new life
‘Cause I am Yours forever and Jesus You are mine,
Jesus You are mine

When I have forgotten the fullness of Your grace
Yes, I remember Calvary when You took my place

There is no one like You God, love immeasurable and strong
There is no one like You God, so lead this heart to sing in awe
There is no one like You God, love immeasurable and strong
There is no one like You God, so lead this heart to sing in awe

Words and Music by Marcus Dawes, Brett Land, Aaron Ivey,
Jaleesa McCreary, Logan Walter, Dietrich Schmidt
© 2017 Austin Stone Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

Monica Lewinsky breaks her silence and admits thoughts of suicide. Are you thinking about suicide? If you're not, chances are someone you know is. This story will blow every circuit in your brain!


Years ago my wife and I rented a house out in the country in Manassas, VA.  It was our first house together.  We lived on a commuter road, which means that there was heavy traffic in the morning as folks drove to work and heavy traffic in the evening as folks went home from work. One day shortly after we moved in as I was watching all the cars drive by our house, I felt a strong conviction to put a sign out by the road that said something about God.  Then I thought, that’s crazy.  I prayed about it for a couple days and said, “Lord are you wanting me to put a sign out by the road about you?”  I told the Lord, “I tell you what, if you want me to put a sign out by the road about you I need you to provide a sheet of plywood and the paint.”

Later that week as I was push mowing the tall grass in my new back yard, I heard a thump sound as the mower went over the grass.  I backed up the mower to see what made the sound and it was half a sheet of plywood.  I thought well that’s funny.  All I need now is some paint.

I picked up the half sheet of plywood and decided it to put it in the unfinished basement of our new rental home.  This would be the first time I went to the basement.  As I began to walk downstairs with the plywood, I noticed several shelves of paint.  What?!

Well Lord in just a few short days you provided the wood and the paint.  What message do you want me to write?  The only message that kept coming to mind was simple.  The message was, “Jesus Loves You!”

I painted it that night and put it out by our mailbox late on a Sunday night.  As I stood back to read it I noticed I had painted the letters too small to read if cars went flying by.  I said, “Lord, the only way people are going to be able to read this sign is if they are driving very slowly.

The next morning I woke up and there was about six inches of snow on the ground.  A surprise snowstorm hit our area.  Cars were driving very slowly past our house and more importantly past the sign.  I could not believe it.  There was no snow in the forecast.

I decided every Sunday night I would repaint the sign white and put a new message on it.

About six months after the first sign went out I received a note on my car windshield in my church’s parking lot one Sunday after church.  Our church was about thirty to forty minutes away from our house.

The note was from a man who attended our church.  He wrote about how six months ago his world was turned upside down.  His wife left him and he lost his job all in the same week.  He felt depressed and worthless.  He decided he was going to end it all and take his life.  As he left his house one morning, he told God that he did not want to live any more and he blamed God for all his trouble.  He did not believe God loved him.  He prayed and said, “God if you are real and if you love me and don’t want to take my life, please give me a sign.”

As he turned down my road, moments later, he saw a sign that read, “JESUS LOVES YOU!”  He burst into tears.  He prayed for a sign and he got a literal sign.  He decided because of that sign he was not going to take his life.

As he was going through the church directory one night he saw that a couple from church lived near him.  When he saw the address, he realized that was the address of the house where he saw the sign.

As I read the letter I began to weep.  I could not believe that our little sign was used in such a powerful way.

Are you thinking about suicide?  Have you been asking God for a sign of His love for you?  The Bible says in Romans 5:8, “but God shows His love for us in that while we are still sinners, Christ died for us.”  Jesus Christ is the ultimate sign that God loves you.   One of my favorite Bible verses is 1 John 5:12 which states, “Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.”  The life referred to here is eternal life.

Do you have the Son?

Charlie Colgan thumbs up
Charlie Colgan thumbs up

You won't believe what the manager at Weight Watchers told a complaining customer...

weight Years ago I attended Weight Watchers for a few months in my hometown of Manassas, VA.  Every Saturday I would show up at 10:00 a.m. for my weekly weigh-in and then listen to someone talk for twenty to thirty minutes about living a healthy lifestyle.  On one occasion, as I was listening to the motivational speaker, I was distracted by a woman (customer) raising her voice to the manger in the back of the room where I was sitting.

The woman was very upset to say the least.  She told the manager, "I have been attending Weight Watchers for two months, and I have gained eight pounds!  I want my money back!"  The manager said something I have never forgotten.  She said, "It is not what you do when you are here that causes you to lose weight; it's what you do when you are not here that causes you to lose weight."  When she said that, I thought, "Boom!"  The customer did not know what to say next.  She just left.

I have been a pastor for more than thirteen years.  Every now and then someone says to me, "I have been attending church on Sundays, and I don't feel like I am growing in my relationship with God."  When I hear that, I paraphrase what I heard from the manager of the Weight Watchers.  I say, "It is not what you do when you are at church that matters most, it is what you do when you are not at church."  Knowing Jesus Christ and living for Him happens best outside the walls of the church building.  It happens in everyday life.  It happens in our own Bible study time, our prayer time, in our homes, neighborhoods, offices, soccer fields, etc.  How are you doing living out your faith outside the walls of your church building?

As my former pastor, Lon Solomon, says, "Not a sermon, just a thought."

God bless,charliemcpick Charlie Colgan, Community Pastor New City Church Macon, GA

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Why Is There a Different Preacher This Week?

For those who may visit New City Church Macon or who may be new, what or who you see on Sunday mornings may seem a little... different. You aren't imagining things!  What we do is different and yes there is a very good chance that the preaching pastor this week is different than last week!

This past summer, 2013, an incredible thing happened - Macon Community Baptist Church merged with New City Church (Below is a video describing the merger).  This merger was an answer to much prayer and has been an incredible blessing.  The merger allows both congregations, as one, to better reach a very diverse city and to become a church that better represents the racial diversity of the city. More than that, the merger brought to New City a very able and gifted Pastor and Preacher - Pastor Lawrence Robinson (left in picture).

Having Pastor Lawrence as a member of the New City Elder Team allowed New City Church to quickly take steps toward launching a second Macon site in North Macon, something that we had been pursuing for a couple of years.  North Macon is not a separate church... New City Macon is 1 Church, meeting in 2 locations.  We share staff, we share resources, we share Missional Communities, we labor together to see the gospel transform ourselves, our church, our city, and the world.

We also share preachers.  Rather than having people choose which site they would attend and connect with based on who is preaching (some will like Pastor Lawrence's preaching better, others may like mine), we ask people to choose a location that meets their geographical needs as well as fits their missional context (who are the people in their sphere of influence and where are they more likely to attend?).  Our primary preachers, myself and Pastor Lawrence will rotate between sites. For this month, January 2014, the rotation is weekly - one week I am in North Macon and the next week I am downtown.  After January the rotation will become "random" - there will be no set pattern for who preaches where.  We hope that this will encourage greater diversity at both sites and will help the people of New City better BE New City Church and follow Jesus rather than following a preacher.