Growing in the Gospel is a Journey

Tim Keller has said many times, "The gospel is not the A-B-C's of Christianity - it is the A to Z of Christianity." I find that I am learning this truth more and more, seeing how deep and wide the gospel's application is to my own life. No part of my life is left untouched by the gospel. 
But I have not always seen this. I haven't always understood it. In fact, even now I don't understand this fully and when I look back, even over the past year, I see that I am not now where I was then - I am growing (and some might say I have a long way yet to go!).

In the podcast below, Dave Harvey puts to words this process. Though he speaks as a pastor on preaching, I think that the process of becoming more gospel-centered is similar for all of us: 
* an awakening to the truth that the gospel is for believers as well as unbelievers
* a growing use of the word "gospel"
* moving toward describing the gospel rather than just saying the word "gospel"
* applying the gospel - how the gospel speaks to our fallen world and my life - past, present and future

I find this incredibly encouraging in my own walk with Jesus. I also find it helpful as I consider the truth that we are not all at the same place in our gospel journey, I am reminded that my process has been years long. I also find it helpful as tool for evaluating and coaching other pastors and church planters - how can I help them grow in their journey? Finally I am encouraged and challenged as a Christian and a preacher to listen and learn from others - my journey is not complete - I have a long way yet to go!

What about you... where are you in this gospel journey?