The Call to Lead: Student Ministry


Part 6 of our The Call to Lead series pertains to Student Ministry. 

Student Ministry. Jr. High and High School. I know what you’re thinking…”Oh man, working with Jr. High and High School students? I just don’t have the patience.” Sadly this is a common response I’ve heard over the past few years. 

As we have been talking about leadership this past month, Student Ministry is an area where leaders are desperately needed. We don’t just need the “ideal” leaders like college students and young married couples. We need leaders in every stage of life so our students can witness what it is like to follow Christ in other stages of life. 

Teenagers are a part of the church. This is so true at New City Church. Many of our students serve regularly whether its in New City Kids or at our MC’s. They need leaders to come alongside them and their parents to help train and disciple them in the gospel just like we ALL do. 

Our desire at New City is to train and disciple leaders so they are equipped to lead well in every area of life. The hope is to share the gospel with others. Whether its Team Lead on Connect Team or a Teacher in Kid’s Ministry, we want you to grow and take those skills to the world. Student Ministry is no different. Here is the Pipeline structure that New City has adopted:


Leaders in Student Ministry don’t just hang out and babysit but they lead and serve. They setup food and clean but also have the opportunity to lead students into thinking about the gospel and applying it to their lives. Over the past month I have been working on a pipeline structure to develop leaders in our Student Ministry. Here is the Student Ministry Leadership Pipeline: 

  • Lead Self: Helper | Setup and clean up for MC gatherings along with any other needed tasks as well as support other leaders

  • Lead Others: Discussion Leader | Guide the conversations in our small groups to the Gospel

  • Lead Leaders: Speaker | Prepare and contextualize a message from the sermon

  • Lead Ministry: Student Director | Supports leaders and guides the overall mission and vision of the Student Ministry

We need leaders who are willing to love and invest in our students. We need leaders who are willing to grow in their leadership and set an example for our students. We need leaders to share the gospel with our students. We need leaders to invest in and disciple other leaders. Our mission is to love and serve these students and help them find their identity in Christ and to live in light of the gospel. 

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