To The Ends of the Earth, Sending

For months now, Erik and I have talked about his desire to serve in a far away place. It was clear that God was stirring in Erik's heart. We talked and prayed. And before long, the opportunity to "go" was presented to Erik. We talked and prayed again. Erik, by faith began the application process and soon received his OK.

This Summer, we'll host a fund raising dinner for Erik. Until then, please join me in praying for and encouraging Erik!  Here's the official word from Erik's mission agency:

In August Erik Pelttari is moving to a country on the boarder of Europe and Asia to teach math at an international school. The school exists to serve Christian families, from around the world, who have been called to bring the good news of Jesus to people in desperate need of the Savior. Erik’s role is to support these families in their work by delivering a quality education, as well as caring for the spiritual needs of students.

Please pray for this region. Erik is going to a country with a population of 78,000,000 people that has fewer churches than the city of Macon, GA. Pray that God opens the hearts of people to know true salvation, and pray that Erik’s teaching leads the students of these Christian workers to follow after Jesus. If you would like more information please email

It is an honor to pray for Erik and an honor to be involved in seeing the gospel go to the ends of the earth!  Thank you Erik for your faithfulness.