What a Way to Close Out the Year!

We did it! We hit the 100% mark for getting started on the building!
This really is a big deal.
While I don't have the final numbers, I have enough to know that we surpassed our goal by a few thousand dollars. This goal was the bare minimum that we will need to get into the building. There are several reasons that this is a big deal - we aren't that large of a church, our demographic is not typically a "high giving" demographic... And then there is this, just a year and half ago we were operating on a prayer and a highly cut budget. But that was then - Today I am celebrating God's goodness through you guys! He has been amazing in 2015 and 2016 is off to a great start. 

Thank you for giving!  Thank you for sacrificing to get this going! Thank you for trusting.
Thank you for far away friends who gave to New City.

What's next?  
We're shooting for a mid-January closing and then the work begins!
While we have hit the mark for getting into the building, we will likely have other needs - children's areas, audio and video... Continue to pray for this move and get ready to get to work with us!