What Color is Your Library?


The Color of your library may tell something.
At New City we value diversity. We understand from Scripture that the Kingdom of God will be made up of peoples from every tongue, tribe and nation - peoples who form 1 people, 1 family. The Kingdom will be joyfully made up of peoples of all colors and backgrounds and from all socio-economic groups. It will be a beautiful people - a beautiful family. We not only value diversity but we also intentionally pursue diversity. Merging with Macon Community Baptist Church 4 years ago was an intentional effort to BE the Kingdom present in our city.  Much of our music is aimed at bridging some of the culture and color gap in worship. But...

The truth is, we have a long, long way to go. Months ago I realized that my own library was lacking color - most of my books have been penned by white, male theologians. Equally bad, our resource books at the Connect bar are all white and all male.  Theology is theology, its true. It is also true that good theology is colorless. But people are not. Experience is not. Theology applied in real life is not.  So this month I am adding a few books to my library and to the resources available at the connect bar.

It Happens After Prayer, by H.B. Charles, Jr is a very inspiring and encouraging book on prayer. It challenged me to pray more, to pray bigger and to believe that my Father hears my prayers, loves me and is always working in and through those prayers.  It was this book that has led me to pray for New City to be maxed out in space and resources as we reach more people with the Gospel!

Blood Work, How the Blood of Christ Accomplishes Our Salvation, by Anthony Carter comes for me at a perfect time - getting ready for Easter.Our preaching team had already agreed that this year we would expand our preaching during Easter to talk more about Jesus' sacrifice in the theological terms of expiation and propitiation - subjects covered by Carter. Don't let the terms scare you - Carter gives great clarity to the depth and breadth of Christ's sacrifice. This book will go great with our upcoming series!

What color is YOUR library?  White?  Well, here's a start!
Two outstanding books that should be added to your library by two strong, solid  men of God and men of color. We have limited copies at the connect bar but these books are easily available online.  Next week we'll add another!