Windows of the Soul

JeremyHeatherKiss  "A glass window stands before us. We raise our eyes and see the glass; we note its quality, and observe its defects; we speculate on its composition. Or we look straight through it on the great prospect of land and sea and sky beyond."  Benjamin B. Warfield What do you see in this picture - through this window?

I am re-reading Ken Gire's Windows of the Soul as a devotional for my own soul. I am reminded by Gire that in the everyday routines of life there are countless opportunities to see the beauty and glory of God's work all around us.

Today I attended the wedding of Heather and Jeremy Knowles. The day was beautiful. The 1842 Inn, a restored home in downtown Macon was beautiful... inside and out. Family and friends gathered in support of Jeremy and Heather, to celebrate their big day - beautiful.  Heather was beautiful; Jeremy, a great groom.  I think those beauties could be easily seen by everyone present.

But there was something more... something incredibly beautiful but maybe not as easily recognized. Jeremy and Heather are New City Church partners in Macon. They began attending New City some months before our merger with Macon Community Baptist Church - before Pastor Lawrence Robinson joined us as one of our pastors. No one knew with certainty how our churches would respond - we are still a very divided city. New City has always proclaimed that Christ has broken down the walls of racism and prejudice that separate us. We have preached that in Jesus there is no divide - just one united people. We have talked about how beautiful the Kingdom of God present is when we live in this victorious reality. Still questions remained - could we live together in this reality? Could we really see walls fall? Could we see in our midst the gospel win out over racism and racial prejudice? Today says yes.

Heather and Jeremy could have asked any of our elders to do their wedding - they could have asked me - I have talked with them many times and prayed with Jeremy at his new business, they didn't ask me to do their counseling. They didn't ask me to perform the wedding. Because of the relationship that they had developed with Pastor Lawrence on Sundays and through the Missional Community that they share, they asked Pastor Lawrence.

I get it - this isn't the first wedding of its kind - an African American pastor marrying a white couple. It won't make the news or be tomorrows headline. That doesn't stop it from being a beautiful thing... from being a glimpse at something bigger and more beautiful than the weather, The 1842 Inn, or even a wedding. Through today's window, if we choose to look, is a glimpse of God's work in Christ - the wall of divide has really been broken down and Jesus is victorious over racism and racial prejudice. Look again at the picture - through the window - what do you see?

Congrats Jeremy and Heather. And Thank You. What a joy to share in this day.