What are DNA Groups?

Simply put, a DNA is a group of 3-4 men or women who gather weekly (or as often as possible) for the purpose of transformation and discipleship through the study and discussion of God’s Word. We see these primarily happening in the context of Missional Communities. Those who are already doing life together in an MC will already have a context for DNA to actually work. DNA stands for Discover, Nurture, and Act.

D | DISCOVER (John 8:31-32)

The group seeks to discover gospel gaps in their lives, areas where they are not believing the truth about Jesus and who they are in Christ. This manifests itself in wrong beliefs, wrong emotions and affections, and wrong actions. They do this by reading the Bible and asking the 4 Questions as they consider the text together.

N | NURTURE (Romans 10:10)

Group members nurture each others affections and emotions, speaking the truth in love to the heart. We do not use guilt, shame, or fear in each others' lives, as this will, at best, lead only to temporary conformity to each others' expectations. We use the power of God's Word and the truths of the gospel to nurture each other in love to their true identity in Christ Jesus.

A | ACT (acts 26:20)

Group members make commitments to act on the discovery of truth they have learned, and agree to take tangible steps toward leading their affections increasingly toward Jesus. When the group returns, they will hold each other accountable to continue actively fighting their sin in the power of the Spirit.

As each DNA Group matures, it should become a place where each member feels the freedom and safety to be vulnerable with their past and current struggles. Ideally, these groups are made up of people who trust each other and desire to encourage and strengthen each other towards obedience to King Jesus in all spheres of their lives.


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