Missional Communities

What are Missional Communities (MCs)

Think of them as small gatherings of New City Church meeting regularly to share both the mission of Christ and the daily realities of gospel-centered living.

Why Should I Be a Part of an MC?

Missional Communities are the lifeblood of New City Church. This is where we live, grow, and serve on mission together. It is the primary place where Scripture’s “one anothers” are lived out – “love one another,” “serve one another,” “encourage one another”…

How Often Do They Meet?

Typically MCs meet 3-4 times a month for sermon discussion, social/missional outings, and quarterly service projects. Below you'll find more information on each of our MCs including when and where they meet.

Would you consider hosting
a missional community?

Would you consider leading
a missional community?

Sunday Night Missional Communities

Monday Night missional communities

We’ll be planting more MCs and hope to be able to offer a Monday evening option soon.

Wednesday Night Missional Communities

Thursday Night Missional Communities

We’ll be planting more MCs and hope to be able to offer a Thursday evening

option in the future.


Checking Out a Missional Community

As you can see, our Missional Communities gather as family all over the Middle Georgia area on different nights of the week. If you would be interested in connecting with one of our Missional Communities, email the MC leaders directly or our Administrative Assistant, Amanda Christopher.