Potential Move FAQs

 Why Consider a Move?

Our current building at 533 Cherry Street was secured almost six years ago with a six-year lease and an option to purchase the building. The lease runs out, and the option to purchase is due early in 2016.  This leaves us with three options:

1) Purchase our existing building,

2) Renegotiate the lease on our current building that will increase,

3) Move to another space.

While #2 is an option, it is likely the most expensive option and thus the least desirable.  That leaves us with purchasing our current space or moving.  The elders felt it was in the best interest of the church if we at least looked at the downtown real estate options before purchasing our current building.

Our search has turned up one possibility that offers the following benefits:

1) Onsite parking.

This is a growing issue for our current location. Parking is becoming more and more difficult on Sundays and for those of us who work at the current building, it is a daily issue. With the continued growth of downtown, this will be a growing problem. The building we are looking at offers onsite parking with two covered drop offs, one in a children’s area and one at a lobby for the worship center.

Lack of parking or poor parking is one of the top 5 reasons that churches fail to grow.

2) 100% New City Space.

Because of zoning, in our current location we must operate primarily as The 567 Center for Renewal, an art and music venue that also supports downtown business startups. This means that we are limited on when and how we use the facilities, often competing with The 567 for prime days for usage (Fridays, Saturdays, and some weekdays). The location we are looking at would allow us to operate 100% as New City Church.

3) Children’s Space.

New City Church is the secondary user of The 567 because of zoning. The area that we use for our children's space is shared and in many ways, must remain shared with us as the secondary user. The building that we are looking into would offer the opportunity to dedicate one floor exclusively to our children's ministry.  That would mean better classrooms, more kid-friendly colors and decorations, better security and, all in all, a better kids environment.

With those benefits, the elders felt that pursuing the possibility of purchasing the new building was in New City’s best interest. We are currently pursuing the purchase and renovation of that property.  It should be noted that pursuit of this property does not mean that we are definitely moving. We have until February in our current location.

Lack of children’s space or poor children’s space is another top 5 reason that many churches do not grow.


I thought downtown was our “mission?”

God has planted us downtown, and we have a strong desire to remain downtown. The building we are considering is downtown. Though it is not in the central business district, it is downtown and will allow us to continue to reach out to the downtown community and be involved in the continued life of downtown Macon.

That said, our mission has always been where we “live, work and play.” For New City Church Macon that includes North Macon, South Macon, East Macon, West Macon, Jones County and more. We will continue to press our New City people outward on God’s mission as they go about life, and we will continue to strive to be the Kingdom present in downtown Macon.


How Will We Pay for This?

Along with the announcement of our potential move, we are starting a fund raising campaign. Whether we stay in our current location or move to the new building, we will still need to raise funds for a purchase.  The minimum cash-on-hand that is needed totals $130,000. This amount covers the down payment for a loan and continued operating expenses for the church. We are currently at $75,000. This leaves a minimum need of $55,000.

We are asking our New City Partners, attendees, and friends to help us reach and hopefully exceed the minimum need.  We are asking for sacrificial giving, extra giving, and even giving from friends who believe in New City or whom New City has helped in the past.

You can help New City move into our more permanent home and continue to reach Middle Georgia and beyond with the gospel by giving.

Mail to:  New City Church 533 Cherry Street / Macon, Ga 31201 

via online giving:  https://www.egive-usa.com/account/login/

or through our Sunday morning offering collection.


What is our timeline?

Our goal is to be closed on our current building or settled into our new building before our current lease and option to purchase expires.  That will be a tight timeline and may not be feasible by a month or two. We have an offer and acceptance on the potential new building. We are currently working through our "due diligence" period, which is when we will compile final remodeling costs, seek planning and zoning approval, check surveys, title, etc.  During this time, we must also press hard to raise the necessary funding to get into the proposed building or to close on our current location.



What will happen to The 567?

Over the years, The 567 has taken on its own identity. Most people who know The 567 aren’t really aware of the New City Church connection. It has truly become a separate entity. The 567 will not move with us, if we move. The 567 Board and Pastor Keith are working with Melissa Macker, the Executive Director of The 567, to see what options are realistically available. If The 567 continues and New City moves, it will likely mean a downsizing for The 567 and a relocation. Of course, if New City remains in our current location, the relationship with The 567 will continue.