Missional Living Quarterly Training

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On Saturday May 11th, we our second Quarterly Training of 2019. The goal for the day was: To confront through gospel fluency the reasons why we don’t share the gospel, to develop and train our people on different methods of sharing the gospel, and to develop a practical plan for becoming more missional as individuals and as Missional Communities.

If you weren’t able to join us, you really missed a great morning of learning and encouragement! It was awesome to sit at tables with people and work through our fears behind why we don’t share the gospel, then to actually practice sharing together, and make plans for how to reach the lost around us.

Below is the audio from the morning and I hope it encourages and challenged you in your proclamation of the gospel! Much of the time spent during our Quarterly Trainings are group exercises and discussions at the tables, so this audio is only part of what you really experience at these trainings. I hope you’ll be able to join for our next training which will be in the Fall.

Family Identity in Everyday Life - Quarterly Training Summer 2018


On Saturday, August 18th, we held our third Quarterly Training event for 2018. This was a training for all New City Church Missional Communities. We had a crowd of people and it was a great morning of learning and sharing stories together!

As we met together we considered our new vertical relationship with God as Father, and we also worked to begin to realize our new horizontal relationships with other Believers. We share the same Father, so we must learn to relate as brothers and sisters. In light of the love we’ve experienced from our Father, the lives we live together should be deeply relational.

Many people think of church as a service you attend, a building with a steeple, or an organization within the community. Church is something you do some of the time. You “go” to church. But the biblical understanding of the church is very different. You don’t “go” to church—you “are” the church if you are a child of God by faith in Jesus. Church isn’t a service, a building, or an organization. It is a family. It is a community that shares life throughout the week in relationship with God as Father and one another as brothers and sisters.

Enjoy the audio from each of sessions below. If you have any questions, please feel free to follow up with any of our Elders, staff, or one of your MC Leaders.

Learning to Lead Gospel Conversations Part 2 - Spring 2018 Quarterly Training


On Saturday, May 5th, we held our second Quarterly Training event for 2018. This training was a part of our Gospel Fluency training series, which began last Fall. This was the 2nd Part of the Learning to Lead Gospel Conversations training we started back in February. This training mostly dealt with our identity as missionaries and how to transition our normal conversations to the gospel. We spent a lot of time talking about how to share the gospel. Check out each of the four sessions below! Enjoy!

Learning to Lead Gospel Conversations Part 1 - Winter 2018 Quarterly Training

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On Saturday Feb. 10, we held our first Quarterly Training event for 2018. This training was a part of our Gospel Fluency training series, which began last Fall. We entitled this training, Learning to Lead Gospel Conversations.  This training mostly dealt with how to lead and contribute to Sermon Discussion within our MC's, but so much of what was discussed is applicable in normal, everyday conversations. Check out each of the three Sessions below! Enjoy!